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MuWire is an anonymous file-sharing program. It uses I2P for all communication keeping your IP address and activities private. You can share, search and download files of any type.

MuWire is open-source. You can find the source code on the GitLab link at the top of this page.


You can install MuWire as a standalone application or as a router plugin.

Install Plugin

  1. Go to the plugin install page in your router console, that is usually
  2. Paste this URL http://muwire.i2p/MuWire.su3
  3. Click install plugin.
  4. Once installed, click on MuWire in the router console sidebar.

If you are currently using the standalone and want to migrate to the plugin, follow the migration guide.

If you intend to share more than 100,000 files please read this.

Install Standalone

Download MuWire-0.8.7. Unzip the file and launch the bin/MuWire script on Linux, or the bin\MuWire.bat script on Windows. You need to have Java 11 installed for this to work.

It is recommended to use the eepget tool to download MuWire because it supports resume.

Running MuWire

The first time you run MuWire it will ask you to choose a nickname. That nickname is combined with a cryptographically strong I2P address and forms your unique identity on MuWire. My MuWire identity is zlatinb@3k2gijdfdcuczkfypfddj4qsnnf744mj



File Comments

You can add comments about your shared files from MuWire or using sidecar files. When someone searches for a keyword that is present in any of the comments, they will see a search result and will be able to read the comment, as well as download the file.

File Feeds

You can publish your shared files to your personal feed and subscribe to the feeds of other users. This is similar to following someone on a social network. For more information see file feeds.

File Certificates

You can issue a certificate for a file you share to prove to others that you have the file. For more information see file certificates


You can choose to trust or distrust other MuWire users. If you mark someone as DISTRUSTED you will no longer see any search results from them and they will not be able to connect to you.

In the MuWire options you can choose to allow only trusted connections. If you enable that option your MuWire node will only connect to the nodes of users that you have marked TRUSTED. Keep in mind that you haven’t marked anyone as TRUSTED you will not be able to connect to anyone!

You can subscribe to the trust list of the users you trust and see who they trust and distrust.

Be careful who you trust in an anonymous network! It is recommended to first download a file from someone and verify the file is genuine before trusting them.


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